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Welcome to the Infernal Website!                

We have switched games! Check out for current events.
 Guild Policies


This guild has the following in place for a reason.  We expect that everyone here understands and will follow our guidelines.  Please note the following;

  • No drama. Drama will be dealt with dramatically.
  • If you don't like how things are run, bring your concerns to an officer or the GM privately.  We are reasonable people, and changes may be made if you present your ideas in a calm, rational manner.             
  • It is a privilege to be in a guild not a right. There are many guilds in this game, if Infernal is not the right fit for you, please, do not waste our time.
  • Use of this website is encouraged, as it will promote growth, communication and comraderie.
  • Being active with other guild members is very helpful to the guild as a whole and it is a pre-requisite for any Officer or Lieutenant position.
  • Being in Ventrilo is also very important to this guild, it help builds the guild community and helps coordinate guild events, as well as promoting team work and comraderie.
  • Ethnic or racial slurs in guild chat or in general chat will not be tolerated.  As long as you have "Infernal" over your head you represent all of us when you speak.  Keep that in mind.

    Guild News

    New GM

    Shades/Undeath, Apr 7, 12 6:33 AM.
    Nevia is the new GM.  He is here daily, and in discussion on vent yesterday he said he intends to continue to play SWTOR for the forseeable future.  He also said he intends to try to recruit more folks and revitalize the guild.

    I wish him luck, and I look forward to seeing some of you in future games down the road.


    The Way It is

    Shades/Undeath, Apr 6, 12 6:11 PM.
    Many of the folks in the guild are too lazy or too stupid to check this website for news, so they will have no idea what's happening.  For the rest of you, this is how it is.

    The server move was a very good thing.  It lead to me meeting several new folks that are worth keeping i touch with as time goes by and playing other games with.  Sadly, it did not renew my interest in SWTOR.  I cannot keep paying for, and trying to play, a game I no longer enjoy.  So I am unsubbing.

    The link to the Facebook page for Infernal, where everyone who wants to stay in touch and look in to laying other games with, is in a previous news item right here on this page.

    I have gone months, and in some cases years without playing a game with people I have known a long time like Trybal and Wilikynn.  If my leaving SWTOR makes you feel all whiny and not want to play with me ever're a pussy and I didn't want to play with you anyway.

    Fug...I hope you find this message at some point and join the FB group.  BAMA...same thing.

    I will be in GW2.  100% positive.  As will the other members of the FB group, which is quite a few people.  Sign up if you want to continue to hang with us.!/groups/155861834537221/


    We are also on Twitter

    Shades/Undeath, Mar 30, 12 11:41 AM.
    @InfernalGaming0 on Twitter.  Join up.

    Watch this:

    Shades/Undeath, Mar 28, 12 10:56 AM.

    We are on Facebook

    Shades/Undeath, Mar 28, 12 10:22 AM.
    Look for us at!/groups/155861834537221/ or search for Infernal Gaming.  Discussions at the moment pertain to the upcomin release of Guild Wars 2.  As we transition to a multi-game Clan as opposd to a single game guild there will be changes to this site.

    The end result is, for those of you who stick around and participate, you will develop relationships with a broader group of people who share your interest in gaming in general and not just one particular game.  The eventual goal is to be able to purchase a new game knowing that you already have a group of players you know to roll in to the game with and form a guild on day one.  As time goes on, this group will grow and we will develope a reputation in the community which will cause others to come looking to join us, rather than us going out to recruit them.

    That is the plan.  I hope you'll choose to be part of it.

    If you are planning to check out GW2, let us know.  If you are planning not to, that's fine as well.  We do not want Infernal in SWTOR to come to an end, we wnt it to continue, and grow, and thrive, while building a guild in GW2 at the same time.

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